Anna Hiatt is a Family Nurse Practitioner who has a passion for healthy lifestyles and community health. As a girl growing up in Spokane, Anna never considered health very important until her mother became sick with Lupus. Then terms like “Suppressed immunity,” “treatment plan,” and eventually “hospice care” became familiar. 

While the loss was terrible, Anna learned that having knowledge about medicine and caregiving could be a way to lessen pain and improve people’s lives. And so began her lifelong career in healthcare – first as a nurse, and later as a Nurse Practitioner.  And she never looked back! 

As a Nurse Practitioner in a busy family practice clinic, Anna is able to help people suffering from diabetes, cancer, chronic pain, metal health issues and many other concerns. 

Anna started pageantry as a way to help educate the public about healthy lifestyle choices. By partnering with organizations such as The American Heart Association, CancerLifeline, the American Red Cross, and Safe Harbor Free Clinic, Anna has been able to teach the public about heart attack prevention, disaster preparedness, how to locate cancer resources, and also how to manage diabetes on a low income. Additionally, Anna has volunteered hundreds of hours as a care provider at free clinics across the state. 

Anna is the wife of a retired US Coast Guard MKC, and mother to a son who is active in his local Boy Scouts troop. Together as a family, they run an 85 acre working forest in Darrington. 

Anna is active in bodybuilding and photography, and in 2020, started a mobile Botox and aesthetic business called “Glamour to Go.” 

Anna’s greatest goal as USOA Mrs. Washington 2021 is to help women around her feel confident, healthy and beautiful.