Missy embodies a vivacious, goal-oriented attitude, which matches her career in youth motivational speaking. She breaks mental health stigmas through her platform RISE UP. She instills positive character traits in elementary schoolers, and advocates that their circumstances can develop them, not define them. This was inspired by overcoming heartbreaking tragedies she faced as a child: losing her brother and mother, being in and out of foster care as a child, and not having a secure home in her teens. These circumstances did not stop her from achieving her goals. As an adult, she now teaches kids to love who they are, feel worthy of success, and that their dreams matter and are attainable. She started a legacy project in 2021 to honor her Brother, Hoss. The HOSS project (Helping Others Start School) is a supplies drive that helps schools where 50% of students receive free or reduced lunch. The HOSS project raised enough supplies for every student in need and donated proceeds to replenish supplies throughout the year. Missy plans to open a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization called HOSS to manufacture affordable school supplies. Missy is also a flight attendant, which allows her to travel to beautiful places in the United States and around the world! She is blessed to have the opportunity to spread kindness and safety in the friendly skies as her passengers embark on their own adventures. If she is not working, volunteering in her community or chasing her dreams, you can most likely find her out on a golf course. To learn more about Missy, follow her journey on social media and see what she has tee’d up for this year of service as your USOA Miss Washington!​


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